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The Impact of Marketing Mix Strategy on Hospitals Performance Measured by Patient Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation on Jeddah Private Sector Hospital Senior Managers Perspective

This research aims to investigate the impact of marketing mix strategy on patient satisfaction in private sector hospitals in Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia (KSA). This research consists of the independent variables represented by marketing mix strategy components (namely health service, pricing, distribution, promotion, physical evidence, process, and personal strategies) and dependent variable which represented by patient satisfaction. In order to explore the relationship between independent and dependent variables the quantitative method was used to collect primary data through a questionnaire, which was administered in the private sector hospitals in Jeddah city with hospital managers. All Jeddah city private sector hospitals were targeted in this research rather than a representative sample of these hospitals. The research population of this research consists of 272 managers from 34 private hospitals in Jeddah. The research sample in this research also consists of the total population accounted 272 managers. The researcher retrieves 190 valid research questionnaires. A purposive sampling strategy was used to choose the participants in this research. The results confirm significant differences in the influence of the marketing mix strategy have varied significant and insignificant influence on the patient satisfaction. Furthermore, the results exhibit those hospital managers might benefit more by placing more emphasis on an integrated service marketing mix strategy and recognizing the patient satisfaction. The result shows that five out of seven variables are significant (health service, promotion, physical evidence, process and personal strategies) on the other hand two variables are insignificant (pricing and distribution strategies). This research contributes to the academic and practical knowledge as being one of the first attempts to investigate empirically the impact of the marketing mix strategy on patient satisfaction. In addition to recognizing the vital roles of marketing in improving the patient satisfaction, this research integrates, refines and extends the empirical work conducted in the field of health services marketing in Saudi Arabia. It raises many implications for managers in these hospitals, such as considering the importance of influences by marketing strategy on patient satisfaction. This research provides useful guidelines for further and future research possibilities such as exploring the influence of the marketing mix strategy influence on other hospital performance criteria.

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International Journal of Marketing Studies ISSN 1918-719X(Print)ISSN 1918-7203(Online)

It’s incredibly hard to NOT have expectations.

And here’s why you need to let go and trust:

Excessive expectations block fulfillment.

You need space in your life for your fulfilled desires to arrive. And too many expectations and fears clog up that space. The noise of demands interrupts the signal. Your pure desire — your core desired feelings — is a very big magnet. If there are too many filaments of demands and expectations stuck to the magnet, you can’t pull in the big steel that you want. So just amp up the intensity of the desire and give it space to manifest.

It requires (very) intense focus and trust. But focus and trust creates space — for magic to appear.

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Only a few hours left to join Embrace: The Divine Feminine (the live meditation class), and ease into the weekend feeling more… LUMINOUS.

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When I talk about The Divine Feminine as a principle it’s not (necessarily) about being in a goddess circle, or being ultra orgasmic (tho, that’s great), or even about being in a female body. The Divine Feminine exists in every being, in all life forms. The Feminine is fluid, generative, creative, spacious, receptive… the embrace that perpetually heals and nourishes.

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I am examining where in my life I can be more impeccable in linking desire to deed. CARE-FULL. I am making space to breathe more deliberately. These times call for deep breathing so you can hitch your passion to mindful action. So breathe.

includes audio Angara Classic Prong Tanzanite Solitaire Ring With Trio Diamonds in Platinum 9vewgSlwk

If this issue makes your heart hurt there is something you can do about it, from anywhere you live. Humane treatment of children is a planetary issue.

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Here are some field notes for growth from the two amazing women who run our business.

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Heartache → Action: You donate to reunite separated border families, and this is what we’ll give you… (time sensitive)

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It’s medicine when love is driving you crazy, or you’re crazy in love.

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I know that countless mystics throughout time agree that the reason for our spiritual endeavoring—our devotion—is liberation, and only liberation. The “work” in our light work creates a freedom from afflictive states: anxiety, selfishness, shallowness, insecurity, always comparing ourselves to other people, restlessness, fear… If the whole point of our devotion is liberation, then here’s the question…

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This is the last episode of this podcast series. It’s devoted to one of my favourite topics: Devotion. We’re shining light on our prayers, our beliefs, our teachers… and whether they’re actually getting us closer to what we really want—liberation. We’re talking about the real work of light work.

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I’m interested in how we work as individuals and how we come together as a society—to create justice. To be in right action. To balance the scales. To transmute darkness into light. How do we hold people accountable? How do we speak out with fire and clarity about our ideals? How do we call people on their destructive shit without creating harm or incurring karma?

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